Hello Everyone!

Today I am excited to share with you The Wander Trees. The Wander Trees is a collective of creatives selling a variety of inspired goods and fine art via The Wander Trees website and the all new retail/gallery store in Asheville North Carolina. Over the past year I have come on board to help shape the company along side Amber McDermid and Graham Wesley, after searching for months we found a location to set up shop. The house we found is perfectly set up in the heart of West Asheville. After a couple months of constant renovation and wizardry TWT Gallery shop is open! Currently being featured in the main gallery is The The Thru Project. The show features a selection of aluminum murals mounted to formed frames that bend the work away from the wall.  The work will be hanging until the end of June.

The following are images of The Wander Trees shop and gallery.

Big Firescald Knob Winter Adventure

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you some pictures and video from a solo over night trek I took during Western North Carolina's recent snowstorm.

On January 23rd 2016 I hit the woods with the goal of making it to Big Firescald Knob, Mile 297.7 on The Appalachian Trail near the NC/TN border. I was on Firescald in snow conditions back in 2010 and knew it would be the perfect spot to get some pictures of the current snow event taking place.

The aim was to take a random National Forest road to intercept the AT from an unknown location I found on the GPS. The road ended up being more of a four-wheeler road, I had to cross a couple scary creek beds and the road ended up dead-ending at an un-crossable river/creek. Luckily I spotted a trailhead that I assumed would take me to the ridge on the AT I was aiming for. I assumed correctly but due to the knee to waste deep snow I encountered during the entire hike I couldn’t quite make it by dark. Right as the last light began to disappear I Had to dig myself a snow hole and throw up my Yamah Tarp. It was a very cold, snowy, night, when morning came I made it to my destination!

Below is a handful of pictures in sequential order and a video montage that gives you a nice look at what the conditions were like, and yes half way in to the video that is waste deep snow I’m trudging through!

Enjoy and thank you for following!

-Joshua Niven


Hey everyone, a while back I took 4k pictures of my aluminum mural process. With the help of Nick Patrick (Yeti Nest Films) and his editing skills we finally got this thing put together. The music comes from the amazing Alec McGregor's band PHTHARTIC aka BLACK CHASM. Thanks for the help guys!

Heres a link to Yeti Nest films

Last Few Days Of The Thru Project Book Pre Sale

Interior Preview Of The Thru Project Book

Interior Preview Of The Thru Project Book

Hello Everyone!

The last twelve days of The Thru Project Book Pre-Sale has been wonderful! Watching everyone get excited for the book release has been fulfilling on many levels. The Thru Project would like to thank our sponsors and followers for giving us so much support during our pre-sale!

Only Four more days left to take advantage of the book pre-sale.

The pre-sale package includes the following =

- First Release Book (#'d & Signed)

- 2 Limited Edition 8" x 10" Prints (#'d & Signed)

- 20% Off The Thru Project Store

- Free (US) Shipping!

As we enter 2016 and move through The Thru Project Book Campaign we will be releasing a slew of never before seen images and begin to place this work in to as many online outlets and competitions as possible.

Stay tuned to The Thru Project website for updates and events coming up in 2016!

Thank you all for the support and enthusiasm!

- Joshua Niven