Hello everyone!

After a long and awaited push to complete The Thru Project Book, the day has 

finally arrived to announce its release! Without the help of our followers, friends 

and family this would have never been possible: Thank you all for your support and 

helping keep the dream alive.

The Thru Project Book has been three years in the making and this is only the 

beginning! The first release of this book is a print-on-demand situation, there are no 

publishers at this point. I am hoping to use the first release as a portfolio piece to 

help eventually acquire a publisher to get the book into the hands of as many people 

as possible.

Today The Thru Project is starting a pre-sale to build some steam! The pre-sale 

offers a few incentives to those ordering early; each book is numbered as orders are 

received.  Take advantage of the pre-sale to get a lower number, two limited edition 

prints only printed as many times as books are sold numbered and signed 

accordingly, free shipping, 20% off Thru-project artwork and the limited time price 

of $75.

There is a lot in store for The Thru Project in the near future! Over 100 never before 

seen images will be released over the next few months along side the book. Finally 

having the book out should expand our reach by leaps and bounds and hopefully put 

The Thru Project in a position to start looking toward the future.

Thank you for following!


-Joshua Niven



Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

In honor of my favorite holiday and the amazing leaf season we are having here in Western North Carolina I am launching the new Joshua Niven Studios Store!

I am making two brand new images available at a very limited edition and putting them out on a brand new substrate technique!

Both images are available at 15 x 36 on hand painted white washed wood veneer mounted to a panel and framed with one inch trim at an edition of 5 each for 200$. Each image is also available floated on a 13 x 19 textured fine art paper at an edition of 10 each for 65$. Check out my STORE for more information!

Halloween is a time of self expression and transition, as we watch the color fall from the trees remember to take the time to embrace the balance of dark and light in your lives and remember that one does not exist with out the other.

Thank you for the support!

- Joshua Niven



I am happy to announce The Wander Trees collaboration with The Thru Project and Joshua Niven Studios! The Wander Trees are an artist collective that bring together talented, like-minded people to create and Flourish. The lifers over at The Wander Trees will be representing and selling The Thru Project artwork. Check out their wonderful online store and follow them! They are the Best!


As the weather cools and fall sets in inspiration and connectivity run rampant in these parts of Western North Carolina. Fall is my favorite time of year to create, stay tuned as I welcome in the new season with lots to come from The Thru Project and Joshua Niven Studios!

Thanks for following!

- Joshua Niven


Welcome to my new website!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new website!

This website will be acting as the new platform for linking together all of my artwork, commissions and projects! I will be steadily updating this blog with news surrounding The Thru Project, Joshua Niven Studios and Asheville Fine Art Printing . 

In the coming weeks I will be releasing the new Joshua Niven Studios and The Thru Project store here on this new site, so stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone involved!

And thank YOU for visiting my site!

- Joshua Niven